Poem -



River of chaos how it yearns
A wave laments as it churns
Gild sand castles crumble
Amidst this hell, I stumble
A sip of fiery amber grain
Tip a glass to parched vein
Medicinal tis hair of the dog
Conceal a heart in dusky fog 
Liquid genie in a mason jar
Cravings granted glazed star
If only for a moment obtained
Before a salutary haze waned
Cold as ice in whiskey glass
In time this too shall pass
Dipsomania gin and vermouth
Relish a burning truth
Loathed this endless thirst
Empty bottle tis accursed
It commands and I follow
Paying retribution tomorrow


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Cherie Sumner Taylor

Hi Lisa....You are so creative! I have a feeling there is this inebriated genie loosed upon the world...or a hallucination from the one who just drank all the vermouth and whiskey...and is very sick...great portrayal...Love n Hugs