Poem -

Directions hidden by loves creased page

Hades holds my hand

Cereals in my mouth
milk being poured by the stranger
who wrote the note
spreading rumours
in my clothes
on tipping over toes
ground beneath me
always ready to greet me
critical situations
there can be explanations
I've tried swimming in your circle
but drowning makes me feel
so much nicer

You slay
on your borrowed alter
sneaking by my temple
that shadow which you folded
dragged by another fool
so much twine
I have to remember
a strange way back to

This room is dark
except for the eyes  you posted
they gleam in directed education
leather wings
hear they flapping screaming names
run while I can
but im the coward in a metal can

Bury me deep
end me now
but im being kept
fresh misery
seems to be your kick
I im just once again

this movie screen is so  vacant
careful with medicated poses
stars refill
this universe I lie  sedated
should run
again blind dated

No good for you
is the torn tattoo
you tried to etch in the puddles
on that grey tarmac night
 ripped my skin
in an attempt to stop
the moon from bleeding

Should run
then love would earn an