Poem -

“Discover Key 🔑 “

“Discover Key 🔑 “

We’re going to live life to the fullest 
some days we just can’t we see the bullet
So we Wear a vest  or play music 
To escape reality to try to fade it or rather  cure it
Learned to appreciate life and not internally become a tourist 
To who I am and who I want to become 
KiJon Anderson-Brown yes I am the only one
Aka one man , Anderson, and don’t forget Key 
With a dream to persevere and become the best that he can be
Physically, mentally, verbally, and even musically 
Positive vibes only sometimes I wish there were two of me
Highly observant, care too much , respect life and know I was placed under scrutiny 
Apart of God’s odyssey
Wondering if one of my gifts includes the gift of prophecy 
One man who gave back  with impact in all types of ways 
Discovering what talents he has while giving God all the praise 

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Excellent poem angel