Poem -

Do You Know Where You're Going To

Do You Know Where You're Going To

The song played out - it was a herbal life seminar,
you could make a fortune, depending on inside the jar,
St, John's Wort, magnesium, turmeric, would make you go far,
cod liver oil, omega 3, would make you fit as could be.

Homeopathic magic designed fully to cure all ills,
just make your choice, give me your cash for lots of pills;
the concept of sales really pales and often fails,
I could have been a brush salesman, maybe in Wales.

I went to a meeting and had a large freebee whiskey,
they told me that I would never want to do anything else,
after hearing all, I definitely wanted to do something else,
how can these people sell their souls to the devil?

I avoided being a shop assistant in an electrical shop one day,
thank God, I could have spent my life under fifty shades of gray,


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Katina Woodruff...

I like the narrative, it reads like a prose article. 
The rhyme scheme works well in the poem. 

Favorite line: 

I went to a meeting and had a large freebee whiskey,

After reading this line, I smiled because I'm an alcoholic and only an alcoholic would sit back and envision drinking a tall cold can of beer after reading that line. I may have to go to a meeting, some AA humor. "Why not, right." 

I get flyers all the time about free conferences, free dinner for two, and even a free vacation giveaways, all you have to do is sit for a two hour seminar, eat as much as you can, giggle next to the person you begged to bring you, then take the free tv and run for the nearest exit sign. 

Some of the nutrients being sold are really helpful to the human body, like St. John’s Wort (course) that one is rough on the stomach I've heard. Now, ginseng is a huge seller and worth taking I've heard. I like going ginseng hunting in the spring, sometimes I find morel mushrooms and wild raspberry bushes, cannot beat it if it's fresh out of the forest. 

Terry Reeves

Thanks Katina - interesting what you say. Perhaps we'll have a lemonade together one day!