Poem -

Don’t come for me

Don’t come for me 

You never listened 
To what I had to say
I wanted to help  you 
But you pushed me away
Now nobodys at your side 
It is ended this way
Theres no place to run
Theres no place to hide

Don’t come to me
You didn’t need me
You set me free
Tho I was your friend
& All I wanted 
Was to offer you advise
But Tho I tried 
Many times to help you
You through it back in my face
So I’m telling you now
You aint been very nice

Its been a long hard struggle
But I’m happy alone
it took me a long time
You wouldn’t answer your phone
I could have stayed you
I would have given up everything
We may have got married
I would have worn your ring


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