Poem -

Don't judge me...

Don't judge me...

Within a gender or sexuality 
A persons choice of equality
Don't label me or box me up
Don't judge me or act all dumb
I'll have a relationship with who I trust 
I'll have a relationship with who I love
There's many words out to be said 
I'm still a person when days end
How I act and how I speak
Don't be ignorant or be weak 
You breathe the same air as me 
I too, deserve to live life and be free
It may be a made up word to you
It describes me so hate doesn't have too
From the beginning of time people have hid behind shadows
Is now the time for light to shine and for society to follow? 
All I know that my time is for me, not for you, not for a laugh and certainly not to regret my past
I'll live for today 
Love who I am...

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Terry Kay

Hi Wayne, Lives have been lost for equality for all ...powerful and I'' right there with you. Enjoyed your write😘

Wayne Stubbs

Thanks very much Terry! You're right 👏👏👏 no more lives should be affected, thanks again 😊💓


Yep!  We are all different and our differences should be celebrated not ridiculed. In this day and age we should be free to be who we want to be. As long as our hearts are good who cares?

Tina x

Wayne Stubbs

Here here Tina!! Very true, if our heart and soul provides love, why should people question it (in this day and age) very true Tina 😊💓 x