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Dream Woman

Dream Woman

I remember you standing at the door like Lady Liberty
Except your hands were tucked in your jacket pockets
You had your hair done
and your countess eyes framed by business glasses
Seemingly tame, no more killing men
with those looks that Medusa used

Your conservative attire and mild demeanor did away
with all past judgements and death sentences
Your criminal heartbreaking and ruthless dream-shattering
brought you close to the fire stake
But, you changed
Set free from your devilish sins
Proved that good always wins

Is it real? Are my eyes deceiving me?
Can't deceive me anymore than Delilah or Jezebel
Nearly heaven but somewhat hell
Knowing that my dream woman is there
In a new form
Can I take your hand?
Walk with me in clear view of those that hate you
and loathe you with envy
Walk with me through fire
If there are no burns on your pretty face
No mark
Then I know you are free
And I'm the one that will love you forever


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Tony Taylor

Hey MICHAEL!!..... this poem made me smile...... you have some VERY clever and kind of 'backhanded compliments' running throughout this piece..... it definitely fits into the melodrama genre well..... and I can't help but find it completely charming.... especially with phrasing like ~

           ~ "Walk with me in clear view of those that hate you
               And loathe you with envy...."

Wow!!......I LOVE it!!....... you definitely have a style all your own!!......ALL STARS!!...... enjoyed this my friend......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 🐧❤

Michael Roy

Thank you, Tony! Much appreciated. Peace, brother poet 👍✊

Cherie Leigh

Hi Michael....I hope the change is real and she deserves a second chance if so....It is not fun being hurt  after starting to trust again....Hopefully she is not just a dream but reality.  Original.  I enjoyed. xo ;)

Michael Roy

Thank you, Cherie. Yes, I've known her for about 30 yrs now and she's been Delilah and Jezebel, causing pain but no matter what, I'm still wanting her to remain in my life. I could still see that innocence in her from when we first met. Thanks for your feedback. Peace.