Poem -

dreaming within a dream...

dreaming within a dream...

dare I close my eyes and wonder where you’ve gone?
return to me, the happy ending of my dreams
enter, the charming prince of my fairy tale
anything you ask for; I’ll give it all to you. But,
my nights still end and my sleeps, interrupted
is all that I’ll see but dreams within more dreams?
nothing makes sense; nothing remains in my grasp, like
grains of the golden sand forever slipping my clasp

will you be here when I wake up? will you still be. . .
in love with me?
this secret belongs to only dream-you-and-I; promise
hands over our hearts, no one will ever know
it is immediacy and forever, we’ve always belonged together
not even stormy weather can hide away our love-light

You give your soul so sweetly...tonight the light of love is in your eyes...will you still love me tomorrow?

and with words unspoken, you pull me in; hold me tighter

dare I open my eyes and discover you’ve left me?
reveal to me, the true meaning of my dream’s
ending; of the Beauty who is afraid to sleep
anything I have, take it all with you when you go
my heart was always yours. It remains with you


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~ with inspiration from "A dream within a dream" : Edgar Allan Poe <3


All that we see and seem, is but a dream within a dream...