Poem -


I have wandered long
In this rickety old house

Up to the bottom
And down to the top
In the company of the mice
And the woodlouse

And the chittering beetles
Of blackest black

And...caught here
In unrealities waking dream
I admit ....
That sometimes I scream
And scream
And scream
Into the gaps between these old stones
Where the cold wind bemoans
It's unwilling entry

I no longer venture to the attic
Where the nightmares loom large
That tinkling bell
That chimes down into hell
For it contains the ills of all men
And women...

​​​​​​Clowns with machettis
And nuclear wars
The screaming crazed mad ones
Rotting bodies ablaze
With weeping bloody sores
Unhealthy unwholesome
Emitting the toxic spores
Of all life's vile breath
The basement too
Is out of bounds
Flooded with tears
And lost souls 
Of weeping wailing rage
Contained there forever
In that damp musty cage

Where the dead won't lie down
And offer vile handshakes
With skeleton smiles and mocking frowns
Who clutch and grasp with bony hands
Rasp for a breath
Which can never be found

​​​​No...I prefer to hover
On the middle floor
Outside that charming door
Where a charming man sells tickets
To the charming dreams of 
Something more

For inside the window
A perfect snow globe scene
The loving husband and goodly wife
Small children between
A table layed out in a fires 
flickering glow

The aroma of baking
And something unknown
Yet remembered
And yearned for 
The smell of a home...
I think

He sold me a ticket
And I thanked him
Tried to pass through 
But my shifting shape 
Too desolate and dark
Could no longer fit
Through that tiny door
And I raged
Curled up on the floor
And wept

So I content myself now
To view out of sight
The unattainable
That twinkling beckoning

That I have craved for all time
I think...

Through many lives
And from afar
The greatest of loves

And the brightest gift
Of all the shining stars....
Marion Price(2019)



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Jill Tait

Awww so glad U did read thisun pinned coz luvit loads Well Done Marion 💕💕

Marion Price

Aw...thankyou Jill, you are a sweetheart 💜