Poem -

‘Drop dead gorgeous guy’

‘Drop dead gorgeous guy’

He was a used to be 
‘top of pops’ kinda man
Theres not a song that he didn’t know
This bloke was ‘king of the fashion’
So trendy from head to his toe
Lasses thought he was a good looker
A ‘drop dead gorgeous’ guy
When he walked on a dance hall
The girls legs started shaking
They’d look at him with lust in their eye
You should have seen this lad dancing
He moved just like Fred Astaire
When he ‘two-stepped’ the tango
& his Spanish ‘frandango’
He knocked others out with his flaire
But nowadays Tony is knackered
He is not the fit man that he was
Tho he still wears his suits & winkle picker boots
He lost his zest after his menopause
So Tony doesn’t turn heads anymore
He looks an idiot on the dance floor
Younguns cry “Tony the phoney who used to be boney”
Nowadays he is an eyesore

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Cherie Leigh

Awww...It happens to us all....We have our days of prime but the hands of time have their way and gravity too....lol...Poor Tony.....He was prime rib in his day, but he succumbed to aging....At least he has some pretty fantastic memories that he can keep forever...and his heart is still young.  Enjoyed.  xo ;) 

Terry Kay

Jill, .loved your poem.  I think i am right behind him in line!😂 Terry Kay

Jill Tait

Haha aww thankx loads tho bet u aint :)

Jill Tait

Aww thankx luv glad u enjoyed me ditty xx