Poem -

Embers never low.

Embers never low.

Embers never low

There's a Fire in his heart and the embers never low, he searching for her soul in the midst of time
Singing songs of heaven to her mind, she's got a burning light he can see
Like stars in the universe
The galaxy,
Together like the burning sun they captive the eyes of wait, for their love it calls out, and it's never too late
If only he could touch her face, shed know right there it was meant to be, because his eyes consume the beauty only she can see.

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Sis Nardine...A very desperate and yearning kind of love poem....I like love poems that have that really desirous feel of longing....it is beautiful.  I enjoyed.  Thanks for sharing your heart. . xo Love n Hugs, ;)


Thanks sis ❤️ Love you 😘