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Emily Grace

Emily Grace

My middle marvellous Granddaughter
That’s our Emily Grace you know
Well nowadays at twelve years old she could be a star on her own television show
This lass has so much unique style and phenomenal ‘Oh my gosh!!’
She’s just been given a ukulele and she plays it with a ‘Biff Boff bosh’
I can see her starting off stood on the corner of a street
Singing her little heart out coz her voice sounds so spectactularly sweet

Now she won’t be bothered if happenstance doesn’t knock on her front door
On her journey thru the trials and tribulations of yon musical explore
Emily Grace shall still sing and pluck her pectrum each and every day
On the corner of the local cafes you will hear her come what may
Undaunted by the crowds of passerby’s that gather all around
Listening to Emily Grace belting out her ukulelle sound
She sings all the current songs but puts her own stamp on them
She’s so smart
Learning lyrics and even rapping betwixt and between
Emily Grace will melt your heart

Her exuberant enthusiasm is infectious with such zealous and zing
One day this little lass will make it to the top of the charts with the songs that she does sing
Well you can bet you will never see such a sensational sight
Emily Grace doesn’t need any stage to stand on as she beams her glowing light
Mind you it’s not just her music that she shines in this kid has got the lot
The way she moves
Her style of dress
Emily grace could be a mascot
Go my middle Granddaughter blossom and a’bloom
Beating out your tunes sitting in your Grandma’s livingroom

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Larry Ran

My Dear Jill,

"A Star Is Born".

A star comes our way
Emily Grace may be young
But truly gifted

All my love,
Larry xxx

Jill Tait

Awww bless her she just loves life and well music is her heart beat xxx Thanks so much Larry ❤️❤️❤️

Cherie Leigh

Awww...She just shines!  Two of my children play the ukulele and I enjoy the cheerful sound.  I know your granddaughter is the light in your life.  Made me smile.  xo ;)

Jill Tait

Yes three little granddaughters remind me so much of my three daughters nowadays ❤️❤️❤️