Poem -



How can I describe
The reflection of you in every star
Or dream I see
A winsome look into
The delicacies of raindrops
And their pristine purity...

I can find you there
Between the drops
A marvelous minuet
With seventeenth century pleasure
The merriment...

Of love's inevitable
Trials and tribulations
Leading to rose-colored brooks
That wind their way through
Loving kisses
And wishes
Through longing looks...

From angelic places
And Davinci faces
That are but reflections of you
And your subtle features
Universally described
As Empyrean Views...

Seen through the eyes
Of fairy tale princes
And the holiest of men
Praying for your love
To engulf them
And enchant them
All over again...

For in the eyes
Of divine implication
Yours is the bloom of perfection
An alabaster ballerina
On the spinning wheel
Of a carousel's rotation...

So graceful that
The entire world stops to cheer
And pay homage to you
For the endless hours
On your labor of love
So inventively, precisely, produced...

So when the wind blows
And your essence glows
Like an orchestral maneuver
My heart drums a beat
And my love's incomplete
Without the ability to touch you...

For I am shot from a cannon
Of your delicacy
And soar
On the wings
Of your attention...

For: Cherie (On our 1st Anniversary)

Tony Taylor


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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hey T....I cannot believe a year has gone by already since that beautiful day on the shore of Lake Norman when we said our vows as the subtle waves lapped in.  It is so hard for me to read your romantic poetry without blushing, because I have such a surreal feeling of how you portray me through your eyes, and in such a lovely way that touches me.  This is really beautiful!  Thank you!  This is such a gorgeous write.  What woman would not be moved by such romantic flattering words?  Wow!  Thank you for being so attentive and caring today....I love you. xo ;)  


A beautiful poem Tony. Happy anniversary to you both.

- Syd xo 

Tony Taylor

Thank you SYD!!....I appreciate it my friend!!..... smiles......T xo 🐧❤


So powerful.  What a Cosmo love affair you two are.  The love between you two is forever.  An example to all that the ink is immortalized through emotion

Tony Taylor

Thanks GREG!!..... It was fate..... what can I say......I married a poet.....a truly inspiring thing that keeps us both creatively motivated every day!!....Thanx again bro!!...... stay groovy!!......T xo 🐧❤

John Astley

Awww wonderful Tony,  and congratulations x


Tony Taylor

Yay!!... Thank you Sir ASTLEY!!.....I appreciate dear poet brother!!...... Hugs n Smiles!!........T xo 🐧❤

RRG (Rebecca)

Wow... If this isn't true love for you guys. <3 Beautiful gift Tony and congratulations to both of you. Blessings for a happy life. :) 

Tony Taylor

Hi REBECCA!!......VERY kind of you my friend..... yeah, we actually met here on Cosmo and through a long distance relationship between Chicago and Charlotte NC we somehow found it impossible to stay apart..... good fortune and coincidence made the move to NC possible..... The Gods had something to do with it...I'm sure.....TOO much coincidence not to be true!!...... smiles.......thanx for this dear poet sister!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 🐧❤

Flower Girl

Hey Tony......this is beautiful.....straight from within your heart and soul......you’re journey together has been a testimony what true luv is all about......two hearts that have never let go of the other......I’m so blessed to be apart of your lives......thank you for sharing your luv for beautiful Cherie......purple luv & hugs xo :) 💜

Tony Taylor

Hey Thanx PURPLE!!......I don't what to say after everything we said to one another yesterday!!......Just Thanx Again for being you......for being a true seeker of the kindness that is elusive for many!!.....Your positivity is contagious!!......stay groovy girlfriend!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!....T xo 🐧❤

Larry Ran

Our Dear Tony,

All our love and congratulations on yours and Cheries first Anniversary.  We just responded to her beautiful poem to you.  Now, we must try to send words that will make an attempt, to portray the beauty that you have created in your unbelievable tribute to her.

"Empyrean" is how he describes her
His gift from God above
Who reunited him with his dear Soulmate
To ever share pure love

She has brought him to Nirvana
Her perfection unparalleled
She has taken him to Paradise
And delivered him from Hell

All my love,
Larry xxx

Marion Price

Congratulations to you both for finding such joy, love, pleasure and promise in each other and this is a truly beautiful tribute Tony, very lovely work indeed 🌹🌹

Icarus Flocke


You (my dear Friend) are one who is In, of, and Beyond
His Time. You have your own voice which is like an echo
of the Past making amends with itself, and planning a better
future. Not only for yourself, but for a fledgling world which will
know you soon. (and likely evolve in the process because of

great work man.