Poem -

"End of mankind''

"End of mankind''

Lopsided flights crashing into the far end  
Of the Mediterranean, sea men falling from grace 
I point the finger to the unlimited sky 
Heaven gets further away and hell feels nearby 
Realistic fire is the state of mind I find them in dying 
Remembering what it  was like to be dancing on the plateau  
Of the heavens  
The sun as the disk as the angels are 
scratching my favorite record on the turntable  
a Sundance with the stars 
meteorites far away from home 
become precious stones between the  
cracks of mines 
where mindless men shovel the fuck 
out of the luck of this heavenly rock 
the misappropriation of Mother Earth 
curses the infiltrators and sentences 
them to 50 light years for rape 
in this stage, repentance turns away its 
face from the bold hate committed  
on Mother Nature 
a sun sign to all that are watching 
the bright Morning Star fall and  
upon you, I will make a wish 
that this world will see a brighter tomorrow 
and bright was the morrow  
I saw rivers and oceans of fire 
The wrong desire caused mankind  
To live in pain  
Then I said to myself: Now I know why it fell 
It had to die so it could arise from the ashes 
To level up to the next phase of eternity 
In the process, spirits deemed as a sacrifice 
for the birth of another life of existence 
Inevitable rituals, inhumane circumstances, 
Accords of lamentation and destroyed landmasses 
Makes me want to cover my face in doom 
But then I quickly remove my hands from  
My torn face and I replace my mood with 
Hope that one day I will be the Phoenix arising 
From the ashes of hell to face heaven as I once 
Knew and looking the Moon in her eyes and greet her  
With hugs and kisses ‘cause I missed her so much 
I’ve always wanted to go back home  
To my parents Aries and Virgo 
And of course to see my closest friends 
Libra and Leo 
This is the team that taught me to be 
Balanced, helpful, fiery and driven 
And Mercury to told me to speak candidly 
About anything I believed in 
This is Sirius B 
But until I get home I’d have to face the reality 
Of this realm of survival of the fittest form  
Of mankind who fell from the heavens down 
To re-experience forgotten past lives in detail  
To finally remember that life and death are journeys 
To the endless roads of existence 
For 23 years of hearing mythologized truths 
I woke up to the mind state of proofs  
that realization was all it took  
to look deep down inside of the Cosmos’ mind 
And find the truth underneath the carpet of lies 
I am the fallen angel the Good Book speaks about 
Jesus was indeed dark-skinned with white wooly hair 
that looked like my elders in the Sudan desert 
The crescent moon and star are the real mother and father 
Of Islam 
Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head nailed on the cross  
For speaking truth to the lost tribe of mankind 
How many lies does it take to tell the truth 
To a lost cause fool who sees the proof  
But rejects the news 
Stars in chambers with bars of fire 
Doomed in an eternal hell of ignorance 
Who loves to dance with the demon 
That gives him all of what his heart desires 
As he pays him off with his soul unborrowed 
A long ass trip to doom with no checkpoint 
Coming anytime soon 
I feel bad for the homie, he should 
Have listened to the truth 

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Hello Jo...

Welcome to Cosmo!

People should worship and praise the one who's blessings come from...

Some depend on themselves and have to do it all on their own with their own devices...

I have to give thanks to who blesses more than I could have ever hoped for...

If I depended only on myself, I'm sure to have probably starved and not be able to do that of which I can...

We should share our blessings and the older I get the better I feel...

It only confirms to me that I must be doing something right for myself...

Great write!

Thank you for sharing...