Poem -


To Be Perfectly Lost


I left my home of loud silence
Done with violence
Conjuring dystopia

Fighting with myself, my thoughts, emotions, delusions of grandeur
galore, incapable
of escape
I wished to be Houdini and more
And dared to believe in folklore
Madness came...
knocking at my door
I left

Swiftly I went to wherever the wind blew, not caring, not looking back, not trying to dwell on memories, thinking them dormant
Locked in my house of horrors
I was gone

Came to a street called Estonia
And I felt it foreign
Feeling a sense
Of peace, relief and freedom
Palpable was escape from my past...
that burned crevices into my mind, craters from memories into my heart inflamed
Now put out completely
I walked down Estonia
Slowly and care-free
Liking myself and looking on
I AM gone
And I will go back
To my home and knowing...
I'm a better man


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Katina Woodruff...

I could feel the growth shining through...from being once young and becoming an adult, traveling diferent paths, at different times. 

My favorite part: 

Came to a street called Estonia
And I felt it foreign

These two lines for me represent time and space. What mattered in your youth or time at a place, may be over. You never forget your past, where you have come from and most importantly where you want to be in the future. I hope I read your poem correctly. 

Great job with the descriptive language. 

Have a great day! 

Michael Roy

Thank you Katina. This is another metaphorical poem. I do go for walks every day. To clear my mind, for exercise, to inhale the crisp air and exhale all negativity. I try to use transcendental meditation, to get away from what I've been feeling. And it does help. Thank you for your feedback ❤️