Poem -

Every Breath


I have faith in what the stories told 
coz I know about this kind of cold
I surely won't survive unless I'm bold

But they say:
"Love is forever," it is in my every breath,
I will love, and keep you till I oppose my birth.
The day I will breath by last and meet death

When you leave I'll be lost without trace
Every night as I dream I see only your face
Today i feel so cold and I long for your embrace

You're the every beat in my heart,
the star in my sky late at night,

You are my once best friend
The one I will love till the end

I can't imagine what we can do
After what we've been through..

I know:
True love is all we got
and I think thus a lot.

@Pies_negros _30 October_ 23:00

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