Poem -


I had a dream, about an ex,
I thought all she,
cared about,
was having sex.
I never realized,
all the effort she made,
It used to feel like,
I was her slave.
But now my perception,
has totally changed,
Those past issues,
have been rearranged.
I dared to see,
the best in her,
And see through,
sexual allure.
With that new lens,
For me to,
see through,
I realized all,
that I put her,
I see how,
she played her part,
And how she was attracted,
to a heart so dark.
It was me at fault,
and no one else,
Way back then,
I wasn't ready for help.
A decade later,
with a fresh new lens,
All I really needed,
was a friend.
Like the ones,
that I've got now,
Were the light from my heart,
shines through that dark cloud.
And in that moment,
of forgiveness,
With creation,
as my witness,
I wasn't the slave,
I thought I was,
Just a mixed up kid,
that couldn't
express love.


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