Poem -


We were the last ones alive, we could survive
on the third runway to heaven, again they say
because we always did due to our creator,
who bundled rhe last group into an elevator.

We're sorry for the disruption, there's a re-build,
you'll have your clean air and less emissions,
however, the ice is still melting, ground cracking,
you're still falling off your chair due to fracking.

Why not relax with some ASMR, and breath again, 
you're coming back down, are you happy now?
The next generation will be taken care of - maybe,
how you solved the blue planet was a mystery.

Perhaps you may have preferred an airless colony
on the moon - then you won't return any time soon.

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Hello Terry...

I thought their grand plan would be a great start in China on their quality...

Great write!

Thank you for sharing...