Poem -

Faith In God

Faith In God

She falls to her knees, as the soldiers take turn whipping her naked body.
The whip tares through her beautiful flesh.
Her long slick black hair protected her rare face from the blood of her own body.
With each lashes, her head jerk back showing anger in her crystal eyes,

a single tear gradually rolls down her left eye.
Glaring into the crimson sky she grinds her teeth so not to scream.
Her glorious armor stripped away from her soul,
laughter of many follows with every slash… As her golden heart skips with pain.

Her goal was to unit this fading world… That was hurled into darkness.
She takes a deep breath after every strike.
Bound wrists and ankles made this torture ritual collapse into an evil stillness.
Nations looking on with hatred, while a single child cried out her name.

“Faith… Faith… Faith…”
Her clear eyes looked up hearing her name called in such an innocent tone,
a simple tone that was still pure in these times of malice crimes.
This was a new world that welcome the wickedness of man.

Her golden heart was the only line of defense in this blacken era.
The cruel soldiers brutally pick up her lean body.
Attaching a rusty hook on the dead holy tree,
they hanged her from her bound wrist to the cold tree that press

on her ripped back that cause her to scream in agony.
Their hands push her against the dark bark, sparking desire in their eyes.
Now the eager soldier began to lick away at her beauty,
that cues in lust in their evil heart that rushes in their blood.

Looking on for help…. Something she never did!
She was…. A lady… but foremost a warrior!
Faith began to jerk away from their greedy grip but to no avail.
Closing her eyes, feeling their slithering tongue all over her undress body…

Faith began praying for God to strike her down
before they could complete break her, in this unholy hymn…
Seconds passed like hours but she kept praying.

“Oh God… I have been your sword…
Oh God… Hear my damaged cords…
Oh God… Please be my shield… Lord?”

Clouds darkened and thunder began to drum in all around them!
Suddenly a golden bolt boldly strikes the hook,
all are left in wonder, for now Faith was freed…
She began to free her ankles… While all nations were in shock and

locked in a frenzy to have her corpus on their dinner tables.
Soldiers gradually came to their senses but their tension made them slow
as Faith had already taken their heads in one blow.
Standing tall with her lost sword, she gave off an unsettling holy glow.

Faith’s crystal eyes were now set a blaze, scanning all the evil nations.
These nations that fell to their darkest temptations.
She slowly stumbled forward, beaten and bruised but still very much alive!
Holding the rare sword with her both hands

pushing forward using the sword as a brace, all the races saw this and
the masses parted, giving way to Faith that…Wills together these tainted lands!



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