Poem -

Faith of a Murderous Mule

Faith of a Murderous Mule

My teeth have become chisels
Knawing on the concrete blocks
Of my prison wall

I hate the sound the rocks make 
when they fall, crumbling crumbs of stone fill my bleeding cavitys
Dumping arsenic into my gut

Sediment clogs my nostrils
The scraping echo of nails upon the miners wall, like a dinner plate
On Titanium fork

Drag and drip the slack
As it breaks my back
For food, as tasteless as burning hair
And water as quenching as sand

Damn this circle of inferno
Around and around I go
Digging deeper 
Into earths hypnotic core

To tend a demons tail
And bear his breath
To become an empty soul
For I was murderous mule
Upon earth. 

I did not know 
That hell had a vacant slot
I did know 
That Dante Care not

I thought earth was just an act
A stage to play out my rage
Ohh how wrong was I
Now cursed forever, never to die.

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RRG (Rebecca)

This brings up images of dark anime.... beautifully illustrated.