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Fall is so beautiful! The way it sings with sleepy birdsĀ 
and unkempt skies. the way it does nothing at all but brown-yellow leaves
and a Harvest Moon, plucking the Dark out of a perfect black.
there are so many stars now.
Iā€™m so in love with all the loveliness! i cannot sing!
i can only be mindful of how absolute
a Joy can be.
and how wondrous an atom
of Time.Ā 
Sleep dreams of Me
and I can only be mindful
of how the air is clean.
full of opposite smoke
and all the marvels of Creation
swimming in a lack of Perfection.
Come ā€˜round from an opulentĀ 
All Life, a Supreme Quiet.
Fall is so welcome. i cannot fathom
the Mirror of Spring
without holding an imponderableĀ Ā 
in the palm of my

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Cherie Leigh

Hi August....Great poem of fall's splendor....something that is a miracle every season, but we take for granted...beautiful imagery.Ā  I enjoyed. xo ;)