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Fare thee well joyful Jersey

Fare thee well joyful Jersey

Fare thee well joyful Jersey, over the briney English channel as I spy our air pilot switching on levers on his instrumental panel

Following a week amidst the sunny shores it is with sadness we say “Goodbye”
tho like yesteryears our time has passed in but the blink of an eye

We came, we conquered all our lists of things to do whilst your weather didn’t disappoint sending us sunshine the whole week through

So we ‘Thank you once again’, I have lost count of the many times when I always jot my ditties trying to fit in my little rhymes

On both the arrival & departure as I am sat onboard the plane, we are now waiting on the take off to take us home again

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RRG (Rebecca)

An ode to summer :) Pleasing and fun. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Blessings.  

Jill Tait

Yes thank you we did xx glad you enjoyed xx