Poem -


I do not fear for myself
I do not fear for my salvation
I know it is firm
in the hands of the one
who chose the nails

But I have fears
and they're legit

I fear once the lid has lifted
off this systematic retardation

that many of my friends will be found dead in their homes

Elderly friends who couldn't reach out for help

Young friends who suicided

Some may even be mass suicides with their spouses and kids

Others in land further from home
that even now face starvation

I fear for youth wandering the streets and being preyed upon by pedofiles

If they are taken into someone's lair,
who would witness it,
or even know where they've gone

I fear for the homeless,
what are they going to eat

I fear for single mum's and their children.
What traumas they may suffer, and the psychological damage

I also fear for future communities, as democratic and basic rights are being corroded

I fear for young people who may be sent off to wars on the other side of this,
just as they were in the past

God, have mercy on us!

May your Holy Spirit not be silent
but continue to work on people's conscience throughout the earth

That people will stay in good countenance and seek to do good and not evil

Turn the hardened hearts back to Your light

And may your church remain standing faithful through this haze and fracture 

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