Poem -

feeling of love

The touch of his soft hand's against my face made me feel all warm
 like if i was near a burning fire and the heat from  that fire
shoot through his hands straight onto my face. 

And with that warm feeling from his hands made me feel safe, knowing that he love's me for me that he would' not  change me at all. 

But when he moved his hands away i started to feel really cold like a block of

ice floating in the ocean and also feeling unsafe made
me worry that i did something wrong that he did'nt love me anymore.

But then he comes up behind me and turns me around and pulls me into him, then grabs my face again and kisses me. And once again that warm feeling from his hands comes rushing back

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this is my first time writing a poem at all so im really nervous

Rosanna Cline

I really enjoyed reading your poem,and could his love for her...


First time writing and your first entry on here, and already I felt the deep passion in your heart through your beautiful words.


Oh and welcome to Cosmo 😊 ✍



Hello emily-anne...

Welcome to Cosmo!

I found Cosmo in July of 2014...

It took me until the end of November to actually hit post...

It took me a while to understand how to communicate on the site...

I really felt like, what am I doing?

People were very patient, welcoming, very sweet and kind...

May you feel the same...

Great write!

Thank you for sharing...