Poem -

Flight of fancy

Flight of fancy

Is it only my imagination? there’s a shadow on that wall.. looking massively bulky & toweringly tall.. Ahh but it’s alright, there’s a bushy tree opposite.. casting its silhouette making it big abit..

Oh no tho I am walking on my own, I hear rustling from behind.. allsorts of horrid thoughts are springing in my mind..is it someone following in my footsteps? are they stalking me  ? I quickly change my tempo running as fast as can be!!

As I reluctantly turn around in the distance I can see, a woman with her dog, they are strolling happily.. why on earth do I allow mysell to go out in the pitch black.. I’m my own worst enemy, I get a panic attack!! one of these nights if I don’t stop inside, it won’t just be my flight of fancy..& I will have nowhere to hide!!

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