Poem -

Follow your heart and stay true to yourself

Follow your heart and stay true to yourself

There is a desire for a time that exceeds our knowleadge ,
where therefore we shall discover ,
in later life we shall face .
As we face our destiny , 
theres always an adventure that will surprise us and those,
as we don't know what is yet to come ,
follow your heart,
as it leads your heart as it leads the way,
as there are wonders ,
that lies In front of us ,
unaware  of all ,
that there is .
Follow your heart ,
as it guides you through life , 
overcomeing all fears ,
that are yet to come ,
your heart is most important , 
as it's your instinct ,
that tells you what shall be done ,
and what shan't .


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Lorna Caizley

That gut instinct is usually right....trust what you feel is true
Great poem, welcome.to cosmofunnel

Tony Taylor

Hey DENISE!!..... truer words have never been spoken!......a VÉRY powerful insight you've conveyed here.... and done in a very poetic prose....... when you believe in yourself as you suggest here..... anything is possible......ALL STARS!!..... well conceived and delivered!!...... and...... WELCOME to COSMO!!......LOVE and ROCKETS!!......T xo 😉☀✴✳