Poem -

For You

For You

For all my breath knows,
It breathes for you.
For all that my heart knows,
It beats for you,
For all the tears I cry,
They paint my world
With the colours of you.

For the music that flows,
It sings of you.
For all my escapes,
Bring me close to you.
For all that Love is,
Eternal, undying,
To me it's you.

For if souls do mingle,
Mine lies in you.
For I am but,
A reflection of you.
For even the stars do whisper
On nights so hushed,
I was made for you.

For all that comes,
I'll forever be true.
For all my rhyme,
Goes through you.
For when it ends,
I'll be by your side,
Forever, shall I walk with you.

For all I know,
Till we reach forever,
It'll always be you.

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