Poem -

For you.

For you.

The pulse of my heart
mimics your emblazoned footsteps
into the thrums of my delicate soul;

awaiting hushed for your thunderous 
eyes to grasp the cloak of my skin,
as I delicately cherish

the petal touch of this reality, 
intertwined in the valley of nightfall,
the smell of your skin stains my existence.

In the deep ease of a homely essence,
your presence as rain on a tin roof,
comforting, peaceful, joyful, giving

back to the earth, whence we came,
silencing the Gods of blind faith
in the reckless anthem of true love.

My body sees for the first moment,
the purest form of wanderlust,
dedicated to your every motion, wish,

turn, and unto the sky will my desire
be kept. Until we meet again,
my soul has arrived on the green mile,

a hopeful destination, 
for the clamour of life.


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