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Forest fire

Forest fire

Sat among the embers of a forest fire
Sat here alone her plight is dire
One little girl, a little lost soul
Tears stain her blackened cheeks
She cannot be consoled
Everything in her life was just burnt down
In a forest fire where screams and shouts are the only sounds
This little soul is now beyond tears
The lost look in her eyes convey her fears
The heat still resonating like a furnace
Every thing around has now been burnt and death
Is everywhere and all around
Despite heroic efforts from so many firemen.
This little girls lost among it all
Standing all alone as the smoke palls
Charred black dress, sooty coloured hair
Blackened stained face and a fearful stare
I saw her through the burnt trees
Just over there and I told the firemen to go rescue het
But when I pointed to the spot she was no longer there
I told them what she looked like
And they just stared
And pointed to a row of bodies awaiting collection
And there I saw her laying with them
Was she an apperitions or was it her spirit
Either way she was gone now and it broke me into pieces
That poor little lost soul who lost her life this day
In the burnt out smoking forest glade
I hope she finds the ones she loved upon the otherside
For the firemen explained the whole family had died
A tragic tale of sadness and woe
My heart goes out to those
Who find themselves in Calafornia similarly exposed
To the tragic forest fires.
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Thank you very much my talented friend, I am humbled by your kind words. FauxΒ 

Barry Childs

Well penned, Fauxy. I wrote a similar thing. 'paradise is burning'. I prefer yours. Barry x


Thank you very much for reading and appreciating Barry.Β