Poem -


She never stood a chance  Love from Mam and Dad
When born was disfigured  Twenty fingers girl she had
Called his child a thing  Removed her from his sight
Because Daddy couldn't see  Said this thing ain't right

Now of himself his thoughts  What would his neighbors say
He couldn't see the gift  came from god that day
But than fate it intervened  Hours of life she had
Was maybe for the best  No way he deserved  A dad

Cremated they removed their child  Her ashes they quickly interred
Now glad to see removed  Last of her we've heard
No talk about their angel  Plays in heaven with god
He don't mind her fingers  Tells us with a nod

Him she is an angel  Just like all the rest
Guess happily now she plays  Now she's at her best
Could have been so different  If only dad could see
The beauty of this wonder  And just remember her tenderly

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