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Surreal of knowledge bestows his brain,
Sewn together sapient brilliant, insane.
Body parts pilfered from mortal debris,
Monster among men before Victor in glee.

Unethical creation lay on cold slab,
Strapped and bolted lifeless and drab.
Feverish incisions almost at an end,
Manipulates the lightening, fingers in ascend.

Climatic finale midst ripples of light,
It breaks the straps binding wrists with might.
It climbs to its feet in awe of new life,
As Victor succumbs to fear of its sight.
"What have I done?Β  What monstrous grotesque!"
It wanders untaught, rage possessed.

Victor in flee into the street on a whim,
Leaving behind his demons and sin.
Monster alone to fend for himself,
Spells trouble for others, grim n ill health.


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Edward Williams

Nice poem Simon I love how Frankenstein could represent our planet and we are viktor .. regretting what we have done to the planet

Simon Bromley

Thank you Eddy!Β  Can I call you that?Β  Yeah that's a really interesting take on the poem.Β  I love how people can interpret it in different ways. Β