Poem -



Whispers midst pleas and scars,
Weeps and prayers for loved ones lost.
Empty vessel cruor and marred,
Slain for little, a quibbled cost.

Treat like vermin, animals poached,
Scattered thought, distraught and prance,
Forced to dance and amuse of roach,
Dreams of free to be free lanced.

Fears betwixt obtuse free men,
Unspoken end a commonality,
Cowardice stoops' low again and again,
Unfathomable hatred and singularity.Β 

Breadth of bigot stretches far,
Slavery normal to all folk rendered,
Nigh difference between black and white,
Past and present always remembered.

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Simon Bromley

I have been busy too preparing for my driving test.Β  Thank you for your support.