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Friday At Seven

Friday At Seven

Dreaming is way better than TV :)

Friday at Seven

Another long week!
Creativity muffled by the relentless mundane
of traffic, bills and job
and the sleep debt that's always maintained.
Eyes now close, the silence settles in.
Free flowing images casting shadows
over a semi-responsive terrain begin.
Tempted emptiness subsides inside
as doors envelop through either side
Eyes squeeze, the shape of keys to come
Silent lips moving, a song that cant be sung
Fighting disregarded rejection and lies
Watching willing victims stay seeking painted pride
Entailed descriptions in pieces show the sum
Core conscious connections touching each and every one
Finding frozen frames tormented by tears' passed blame
a gentle river's undertow pulls every drop of hurt below
Open wilderness skies sound the waterfall's cries
as devastated emotions are released and vaporize
images overlapping and are joining into one
as if time itself never had begun

-Robert Van Tassel
Verbal Imagery

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Robert Van Tassel

My images are always cropped. I'm including the text now. Thank you for your interest :)