Poem -


My name is calypso
I dance the fandango
I live in a toy box
With a wind up clown
And a sly old fox
Every day after four
We wait till madam opens her door
I have a key which can be turned on my back
I have eyes so dark and hair of black
Little madam says I’m a Spanish dancer
I have castanets fastened to my hands
And move my feet to music from my Motherland
Charlie the clown has tricks up his sleeve
And juggles like you wouldn’t believe 
Basil is a cuddly fox
With a white bib and pure white socks
And of course, there is Molly
She is such a pretty dolly
On Madams bed
Lays big Ted
He is tattered and torn
But she has had him since new born
In the corner of the room
Is a musical box with a tin tune
And the wallpaper has pictures of clouds and a moon
The ceiling light is an air balloon
Where madam puts her little figures in the woven basket
There is a huge bag of Lego
Which hangs on a bracket?
She makes lands where we all want to go
Mountains full of snow
Sweet shops
Full of colourful lolly pops
There are even wheels to make Lego cars
Castles and towers
Buckets of flowers
Then Madams Mummy comes in
Says she will throw everything in the bin
If not all tidy
So, she has to hurry
Little lady
Picks us up without a care
Throws us back in our box
Then she goes, we don’t know where?
We hear lots of crocs
And smell the food
Then hear her Dad collect some wood
The house gets warm shortly after
Then we hear laughter
 As the children play chase
 Fox knows how to open the box
So, we sneak out and hide behind the curtain
Looking out onto the green
We’re not certain
But I don’t think we can be seen?
Such fun is had by Madam and her little brother
He is always getting into bother
So why do we call her Madam?
When her name is Polly
Because when she goes out
The children shout
“Little Madam with the china tea set
Tiny pots with a golden spout
If you break it you will get new, we bet
Whilst we have plastic cups
Our knees have cuts
Our faces are dirty
Our bellies sometimes are empty
But we have a home full of love
As we give praise to above
We have dignity
And pride
Never take anyone for a ride
Welcoming arms for those who cry
And give support to friends who open their horizons and fly
You in your posh house
With a maid and a cook
Gold thread runs through your books
You have your textures
And perfect features
But walk past us
Don’t have any trust
If you so much as look our way
Your parents make such a fuss
Don’t you know perfect Polly?
You are just like us
Though your actions may be folly
Your words so harsh
Your castle on the hill
Our huts rather sparse
But we have one thing in common
And that is we are all children
So, let’s meet in the middle
Dance to the fiddle
Work out the riddle
And skip to a rhyme 
Share your toys
And we will teach you to be kind
We can show you how to make a den
And take you to our home
Feed you bread and jam
Made fresh by our Mum
At the end of the day
It’s all about having fun
Respecting each other
Shoulder to shoulder
Sister and brother
All walks of life
Friends forever

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