Poem -

From Destitute Sights

From Destitute Sights

Worn, tattered, beyond repair in vice
Shattered, ignored, expelled from paradise...
Where is respite from sacrilege?
It's in foul depository...
      where love was left as dead
Hearts gathered in evolving motion
Searching for life
in every ocean
              Depths inaccessible 
              Now we reach
Only to discover that we can breach...
what lies beneath the bottom 

So I speak
I'm telling you from covenant psalms 
that I'm fallible, without regard
         To my demise as saint
I will fall because of vanity
No retrospect to past humanity 
It remains...

that I persevere in change
It remains...that life is fun to me
I may cry but laugh
What an irony
              that I undress myself to bare...
            what is left of my cornered soul
Oh look from above
and see where I was

Rich in lofty dreams
But I had found my way in reality 20/20, seeing it all
Fortunes and misfortunes won't befall...
            my environs renewed
Because I see
the sights where I dreamed
I can will the domain of hosts that threaten
            from Leviathan 

to the surface and lights
           Seeing from destitute sights
They will be empty 
           Empty in their riches