Poem -

From Les

Hellos and goodbyes are an important part of life,
The best hello is to your future trouble and strife,
But that best hello turns into the worst goodbye.
And when it's a permanent farewell, I hereby,

Declare and announce,
The worst thing to experience is the loss of your spouse.
That woman who made your life better,
You expect them to be there for ever and ever,

But then they're not.
And that happily ever after dream starts to rot
Away and fall apart
And shatters into pieces just like your heart.

The actual loss is not the worst,
It's being alone and bored without the person I once nursed.
It's rearranging the flat and rolling over in bed,
Because you're not there to tut and shake your head.

It's making porridge for one in the morning,
And going out with no warning.
Its going to bed at half seven,
Because there's nothing else to do, now you're in heaven.

It's having control of the telly,
And eating a whole pork belly. 
I'm humming to myself, to fill the silent din
And changing the name of my next of kin.

My suit is there, washed and freshly pressed,
These last 62 years, I have been so blessed.
It feels so strange, to go to a funeral without you,
Eating all the sausage rolls and having a drink or two.

So tomorrow, I'll put on, along with my suit and belt,
A smile and brave face, to hide the worst pain I've felt.
I'll stay strong, for yours and the family's sake
I'm determined not to break down at the wake.

I know I can do this and you'd want me to carry on,
With my life and still have fun.
I'll try Peg, just for you,
I'll never forget every good thing we've been through.

I'm eternally grateful for the forever you gave me,
So fly high, and be free.
I promise I'll stay faithful.
Now goodbye, and sleep tight my angel.