Poem -

Futuristic nightmare

Futuristic nightmare

Somewhere in a distant future
Where people all where breathing masks
A metropolis of concrete structuresΒ 
All that is seen is steal and neon lights
Humanity cut down all the trees
And polluted all the seas
And because the great diseaseΒ 
Poisoning the planet leaving it unable to breathe
So now we all wear breathing masks
And acid rain falls and everyday is dark
And we are forced to to eat genetically created food
And soylent green living may happen soon.
This future where man is the only species living
Is not a life of abundant giving
Everybody is out for themselves
Everybody suffering chronic health
The planet is like a sauna,
The world is so hotΒ 
Climate change they could not stop
And rather than try they found alternatives
To how mankind can possibly live
In a global greenhouse of rising carbon gases
In a world no longer green but grey concrete
Where rich live in ivory towers and the poor as usual live on the street
And everyone else clings on in between.Β 
We become a locust species devouring all
Looking now towards the stars
Reaching out to other planets
In hope to find a planet B
So that we can spread further our disease
Of over consumption, corruption and greed
A species that lives beyond our needs.Β 

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Cherie Leigh

We need to love and appreciate our world....being each responsible for how we treat Mother Earth.Β  It will not be much of a future if we continue just wastefully using resources and not cleaning up our messes...Great awareness write. xoΒ 


Thank you very much for your understanding and comment I very much appreciate it. FauxΒ