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If you wanted a cast off he was your man
If he couldn't get it nobody can
He was considered by many as shifty
Always dressed immaculately really nifty

For he worked the tough streets of New York
When you watch what you say whenever you talk
A gangster was he and top of his trade
He always knew that plans had to be made

Then one day out of the blue disaster struck
Capone came calling and this poor gangster ran out of luck
His life was ended by a single stray shot
Never park your car in Capone's parking lot

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Greg Etsell

great poem did you know that
Capone had real job for about
6 mouths he moved his family to
Baltimore from new york and got job as bookkeeper
and try to be a good citizen and didn't make the money
he want to then one day the mob came looking for him
and ask him to come back so he went to Chicago
and the rest is history