Poem -

Gasoline Female

With an internal fire
  Charred  by Childhood,
             Trust Lost.
She Burns

         Poured Out 
Stretched Across the Road 
Locked, Foreshadowing Embrace 
She Burns 

   With an Intensity Misappropriated 
          Blue Light,
       Bilateral Charge - Changes 
She Burns 

     Flumes Emitted, Opium Sweet 
Fragrant Approach 
She Burns 

High Octane the Grade
         Vapors Clear-
Dissipate Playful Phases 
Interchangeable Lenses 
She Burns 

Within a Vacuum 
She Burns 

Opened Wild, 
        85mph Locked In
Top Down-95mph
   Jet streamed 
She Burns 

Scenic- Rest Stop Interlude 
Kissing Books- Inexhaustible 
Their Love,
Bloodied by Thorn
Rose Pearls, 
Sent to War with an
         Independent Cross 
Blessed Dissolution 
She Burns 

Paired Travelers 
     Left to their own devices- Vices
Slow the Decay 
     Showed the Day
They Were Left to Say
Back on the Road Now
"Only Put in Ten"
She Burns 

Kaddish for One?
Has Springtime Come Around  Again?
Formulation Unknown,
Additives Untested,
Upgrade at the 
She Burns 

Fossil Fuel Ney Mineral 
Subterranean Exploration 
And All I Can Is That Its Far to
Viscous to Flack 
She Burns 

Circumnavigate With Sweeping Suspension 
Measurable are the Miles Now,
These Asphalt Channels 
    Unfathomable to All
She Burns 

Eyes Affixed, Starring Far Past
the Destination 
      Ahead a Vacancy Signs
From Pain 
    Pills Tend to Be Bitter 
She Burns 

Combustible the Rapture 
Jeweled Onyx 
       Brilliantly Shades
The Ground
        Now Bonded
Following, Trailing 
My Match 
           Gassed up 
In Flames
She Burns

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