Poem -

Get Your Stuff Ready

Get Your Stuff Ready

They told me: 'Get your stuff ready,'
because the kingdom of God is at hand;
we were in a queue, pushing, as you do,
they said: ' You can't take it with you when you go,'

We did - there were chickens and wicker baskets,
jewels and trinkets in fancy gold caskets,
handbags, portmanteaus, umbrellas and hats,
even old pets, goldfish, birds and scabby cats,

Mobiles, tablets - Moses brought them along,
one of the cats farted and made a terrible pong,
pushing thro' the doorway, someone trod on a snake,
'Get your foot off my asp!' Should be limits what you can take.

'Please wait in line,' a heavenly usher cried out,
as someone gave the asp treader a good clout.

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Tony Taylor

Fantastically humorous Sonnet TERRY!!...... this is friggin' hysterical!!......I had to read it aloud to my friends!!..... It is BEAUTIFULLY crafted..... so you don't see the punch lines coming.... and when they do come, they are VERY effective!!...... this is VERY creative and truly original!!......I LOVE IT!!......ALL STARS!! & PINNED!!....... Well conceived & BEAUTIFULLY delivered dear poet sister!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!........T xo. : )