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After so long ,actually nearly 3 years ,
I cant believe what you are doing to me ,my dear
No contact ,no sound for over a month
Its getting me down without any doubt .

please, I beg you to come back and say ,
what you intend to do today
, will you go or will you stay ,
Remains a secret that only you can say .

I'm so wishing it's the latter ,
I cant think of anything better ,
I love you, in my own special way ,
and hoped one day you would do the same ,

I'm frustrated because I want to be with you ,
I cant believe this is what you want to do,
Leave me ,and I will cry ,
my tears wasted but i will try ,

I promise you I wont make a fuss,
I cant believe it can be over between us ,
I just want you back so we can chat
about the good times that we have had .

They were good times, and I want them back ,
So please rethink ,and please let's chat
so I can put my loving arms about you 
Once more with love and understanding,.

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Liliana of the ...

Very honest and uplifting writing . I hope you get what you desire .