Poem -

Gone in luminous realm

Milky way

Gone in luminous realm

Parents are gone into the world of final rest.

Wonder what we siblings doing here;

Indelible memories ,hard to erase.

All thoughts gloomy ,nothing is clear.

Memories gleam and glare in my nebulous heart,

As bright lights upon some dark harbour.

Like those dim shadows beams on the quiet water.

Just as the moon splendour.

Both of them treading on the distant cloud.

Their light encroach on us almost daily.

My dawn to dark are usual  dim and age old,

Sheer inklings and witherings.

O my chaste desire, and lofty diffidence,

Up as the eternity beyond

These are thy strides , thy have paraded to me

To blaze my icy beloved

O !gorgeous grave, the sparkle of upright.

Remotely Radiant ,though in the twilight,

Whatever occult occurs lies behind your ashes,

Could human have vision of thy compassion.

Despite spirit in our sunny rainbows,

Call to our anima when human views in slumber.

So some queer intuitions surpass our used thesis,

Into the splendour gander.

If stars were restrained into the coffin

Her enslaved blazes ought urge ignite there;

Still when the fist that sealed her up cedes space

She ought sparkle over all the sphere.

O ! of ceaseless soul, entire universe

Composed all the grandeur beneath ye

Reinstate thy energy from this earth bondage

Into  it’s real  freedom of ye

Either dispel these murk, which blotch and clog,

My panorama hushed as they transcend.

Request to uplift onwards up to that prominence

From where I desire no mirror to ascend.

Kishore Vastani 

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