Poem -

Goodbye For Now

Even tho you are no longer by my side
Just know that I love you and I say that with pride
You left this earth, too soon it seems
But you will forever be in my dreams
I cannot express how much you meant to me
And it hurts to know that you will never get to see what I will be
I wish I could hold you, one last time
Even one touch would be just fine
You will never know the joy you brought to earth
You have been the best dad I could ever ask for, since the day of my birth
I love you, dad with all of my heart
Someday I will join you, and we will no longer be apart

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Anthony Yormesor

You touched me with this poem Faith. This has been my feeling from the start of this year.

Faith Grant

Losing a loved one is never easy, but that is why we have the rest of our family and friends to get us through tough times.