Poem -

Grasping grammar

Grasping grammar

Why ? What ? When ?
familair words which we use
Questions we need answers to 
in the decisions which we choose

Gosh ! Wow ! Whatever ! Really !
each with an mark of explanation
to emphasize the importance of surprise or an exaggeration

Quotation marks look like “
We use them each side of a sentence
i.e. “They highlight the beginning  & ending”
An understanding of it’s presence

This is the all to familar “Grammar”
which we endeavor to learn at school
If one comprehends it correctly
then congratulations 
one certainly is no fool

Sentences betwixt paragraphs
full of words in a unique language
along with added native dialect
so phrase is in a local slanguage

Thiis is an extensive vocabulary
humans digest from immediate birth
never-the-less most have mastered this task
by the moment one departs this Earth


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Isaac Pulpit

I love grammer, and so can easily tell what kind of joy that encouraged you to write this poem. Congrats.

Jill Tait

Thanks loads Issac, I’ve corrected an error innit now as called a “ a colon
& it’s a quotation mark :) ❤️

Tony Taylor

YAY!! JILL!!..... this is such fun subject matter..... and certainly necessary for writers like you and I !!..........even more interesting is the fact that 'slang' has seeped into our language in a BIG way..... and you have handled those intersections here BEAUTIFULLY!!....... Grammar is definitely there to be 'messed with'!!...... and so, Thank You, for pointing to the obvious and highlighting the potential!!........ALL STARS!!..... well done dear poet sister!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!!........T xo 🐧✴❤

Jill Tait

Well I enjoyed creating it as ever & again Tony I thank you most kindly 👍😁❤️