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I know Halloween is coming when clocks turn back an hour
When there's myriad of chestnut to share 
When Fall crispy leaves blow in final flight 
and Empyrean glowing a golden light. 

Then pumpkins are carved into scariest faces 
Kids saunter to the most holy places
Dressed as monster, witches or ghost
Who scares the most, becomes the ' host '.
Finally begins the countdown
Halloween has just begun:

Ghouls and ghosts will be here soon 
Lurking behind a silver moon 
The world is their stage acting like a pro
Stalking,  trick-or treating,  moving to and fro. 

Orchestrating the clouds above
Bats, vampires and bogeys fall in love 
Eerie music heard till Halloween night 
Sharp claws scratching; a gory sight.

Vampire consuming the blood of a child
Then drapes corpse over grass and wild 
Showing no remorse, a menace to society 
This monster drives men to insanity. 

Be careful it's Halloween 

Happy Halloween !


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Cherie Leigh

Happy Halloween Leah!  So much to be on the lookout for on this spooky night!  Lol  I always forget the time change... I hope you have a spooktacular spook day!  Love n Hugs, xo

Leah Cabael Yodico

Likewise Cherie. 
sorry for the late reply. 
Thanks for dropping by.

Hard rock lover

Hi Leah , are we ready for spooks and ghouls and kids trying to stay out school . Well it is Halloween almost :)  a wonderful write , rock

Wendy Wass

Great poem Happy Halloween ūüėä

Larry Ran

My Dear Leah,

Ghosts, goblins, and witches
Portrayed so perfectly
A fabulous Halloween poem
For everyone to see

All my love,
Larry xxx