Poem -


Elvis has left the building-and im still behind

Spread the dream
across my  thighs
crushed  death in a lonely
vine wasted glass painted maroon
 invalid rest
through that glass vision framed I sailed the routine
always ate the disease

Wretched footprint
stop getting forced ahead
do you not know im already dead
following me around
pledging silence  in your sounds
screaming falling crinkle in air
leaves swirling to be surrounded

Captivity stretching inside me
filling the files
draining the vein
mummified longing to spell insane
placed  objects
as we hung the guilt
swaying in your eyes

Flatlining across the TV screen
oh this exquisite scene
 corpse so alive
inlaid in rested surf and pride
now to the placement travel
take a picture
then unravel

see me there
on the outside

broken wristed waving limb
united uninvited pretty grim

 let the noise recline
then with noose tighten hard
 through a fairy tale mind

See me


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