Poem -

Hating What You Can't Live Without

The recurring dream replays in my head every once in a while
And I think I just figured out
What I'd want all because of you
Making me realize good from bad
But either way
It's a battle and I'mĀ destinedĀ to lose
For once
Just this once
Please don't make me the underdog.

No matter how hard one tries
You can't live without it
As much as it hurts
As much as you want it
It's something some can't reach
Without leaning over the edge
And slipping off.

I stare up with my stomach in knots
To see you standing there
But you don't see me
Vanished from each other's worlds
With memories caught in between.

Trapped inside this hell
My hands sweaty from shaking these bars
Wanting to breakĀ free
But the chains get tighter
As time goes on
Leaving me to struggle
As I watch you throw away the key.

Finding out that it's the end
And forgetting why it all happened in the first place
Lifts the weight off my shoulders
Even though deep down inside
NothingĀ will ever numb my pain.

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