Poem -

Haunted By a Poltergeist

I bought this house because it was what my wife wanted.
But I wouldn't have bought it if I had known it was haunted.
As I lie in bed, I can hear footsteps during the nights.
I'm constantly being watched and I'm paralyzed by fright.
My daughter was tripped and she fell down the stairs.
She's paralyzed and permanently confined to a wheelchair.
I hear a man's voice and if I ignore it, he begins to shout.
When I ask him what he wants, he always says "Get out".
When the voice speaks, the living room walls start to bleed.
I knew that we needed an exorcism but my wife disagreed.
When a priest came here, my wife laughed and showed no interest.
But when the priest tried to perform the exorcism, he was possessed.
He climbed to the top of my house and jumped off the roof.
This house is haunted and the priest's death is the proof.
But when I said that we're being haunted by a Poltergeist, my wife said there's no such thing.
She refuses to accept that it's a Poltergeist and that death and disaster is what it brings.
My wife will not accept the truth and I'm tired of having to constantly live in fear.
She can have this place but my daughter and I are getting the hell out of here.

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