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Haunted by Anorexia (Major Trigger Warning!)


Haunted by Anorexia (Major Trigger Warning!)

My body,
lies to me.
I can't take,
this cruelty.
The mirror,
it shows my,

The scale says,
I'm well-fed.
But too much,
I've lost touch.
But I get,
what I deserve.

So, I'll look that meal,
straight in the eye.
Put it away,
then go exercise.
I'll eat my 200 cals,
and then I'll pay the price.
With the loss of every ounce,
I now live to die.

Mama said,
treat your body,
like a temple.
I know she,
didn't mean,
this way,
this simple.

Mama, I'm,
so sorry,
I played God.
But truth is,
I'm trying,
but I cannot stop.

Lucky for me, I stood,
in the face of danger.
I forced my self to fight,
My inner total strangers.

I won the fight,
This time, I'll say goodnight,
without sleeping on the floor.
I love me for me,
It's like it happened suddenly,
I don't live to die, I live to be free!

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Being Me

Anorexia is really nasty. Hope you are getting the help and support you need and are getting better. Many people don't understand Anorexia so this is a great awareness write x

Karianne Gabaldon

Aww thank you so much! Yes, I finally found help. After years of struggle. But I am alive today, praise The Lord! Yes, it is very difficult to understand.

Being Me

Happy to hear that. But please take care of yourself ( I'm sure you will) because Anorexia is something that can return x