Poem -


I think I know a thing or two about spirits.
I can tell you how familiar their voices sound
when they say my name,
like an echo of a stranger.
You've heard it before but never once in your life.
They're cold,
and some of them will like you because you are the same.
To some they belong tiptoeing around the kitchen in the night,
an unexpected houseguest.
Others lay claim to your body while your eyes are closed
and leave you shaking.
Your childlike ideas aren't far off.
I've seen their bodies and their faces,
heard their voices and their silence.
They leave more questions than they give answers,
and they may relish in your confusion.
When your heart is haunted though,
by different demons,
they can make sturdy companions.
Sometimes it's nice to not feel alone.

Through walls or doors,
they find their way.
Just never hand it to them.